Washington DC March

Event Details

The Women’s March on Washington will occur on Saturday, January 21, 2017, beginning at 10:00 am. We will convene at the intersection of Independence Avenue and Third Street SW, Washington, DC and march to a location near the National Mall for the rally. For security reasons, we are unable to disclose the specifics of the route at this time.

Get Ready to March!

Getting Around DC

If you are taking a Rally or charter bus: 

  • Each bus will have a captain who will communicate with the national logistics coordinators.
  • The national team is incredibly experienced and has parked thousands of buses for past marches.
  • We recommend that you purchase a metro card.

If you are traveling on your own, make sure you know how'll you'll get around in DC. 

For people with disabilities:


The Women’s March on Washington and its organizers will not provide  guarantees or assume liabilities associated with housing or  transportation to or from the Women’s  March. The Women’s March does not endorse any transportation or housing  entity. Individuals participating in the March are responsible for  securing their own transportation and lodging arrangements.  Additionally, hosts volunteering to transport or house participants and the  participants they host assume all risk, responsibility, and cost associated with hosting and transportation. 


The Indiana Chapter of the WMW is not organizing housing. We provide the following resources without endorsement:


We know this event will send a powerful message to our fellow citizens  that we stand united against hate, fear, and marginalization in all  forms. We are expecting MANY people to attend from all across the  country, and the planning team is working tirelessly to coordinate this  convening. As such, we warmly welcome your participation as a volunteer!  

Volunteer for the Indiana Chapter

Volunteer at the event in DC


  • Is there a meet-up location for Indiana marchers? 
    • We're working on it
  • I can't make it to DC, are there marches in Indiana?
    • We're hosting Sister Marches across Indiana. Learn more
  • More FAQs

Travel to DC

Connect with Other Hoosiers Traveling to DC

The Indiana Chapter of the Women's March on Washington  has already filled several buses! Hoosiers from around the state are  booking flights, trains, buses and cars to get to the capital and we  want you to join us!  Connect with others from your area:

Still looking for transportation?

We are working to connect people to charter buses that have open space.
Evansville | $235.00 per person | Learn more on our group page.
Indianapolis | New Rally Buses | $293/each | Learn more.
FIND A SEAT/SELL A SEAT We've started a thread for those looking for or selling seats on charters or carpools. Join our Facebook group and search or comment in this post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WMWIndiana/permalink/696439263844237


Your contributions will ensure that Hoosier voices are heard at the Women's March on Washington. All donations will support travel or related causes.

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